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QOW: Jewelry Sinking into the Skin

January 8th, 2009
Question: Okay, on the 26th of December I got a labret piercing. The back piece that holds the piercing in place I believe is inside of my lip. A friend of mine told me to leave it alone because the back piece should just “pop out” YEAH NO. Every day the hole that was once there is getting smaller and smaller. HELP PLEASE. Do I go back to the piercing parlor or should I go to the doctor and have them open up my lip and take it out which will probably end up with me getting stitches? Thank you.”

Answer: This problem is called “embedding” and while it does happen, it’s not a good situation.

You can go back to your piercer, but go quickly before all traces
of the jewelry are gone. Or, if you can, remove it now and then go see
your piercer to see if you can get a new labret stud put in there if it
hasn’t already closed up. Having to remove the jewelry and allowing it to
close is a much smaller problem than having to have the jewelry surgically
removed, which probably would require stitches.

The most common cause of this problem is the labret bar being too short.
Since it’s a relatively new piercing, your lip is probably still swollen
and you’re supposed to be pierced with an extra long bar to accommodate
the swelling. (This same rule applies to most bar piercings) Once you’re healed, then you can switch to a shorter bar.
Whether your piercer gave you too short of a bar to begin with or you
(unwisely) changed it too early, it needs to be fixed
immediately or you’re going to have a very serious problem on your hands.


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