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News: Please Spay & Neuter Your Pets; Don’t Pierce Them

December 27th, 2008
Woman Sold “Gothic Kittens” on Ebay
A woman in Pennsylvania has been charged with cruelty to animals when some concerned eBay shoppers reported her for listing “gothic kittens” that had been pierced through their ears, on their tails and even through their scruff on the backs of their necks. Some of their tails fell off or had to be amputated because the piercings cut off the flow of blood. When asked why she did this, the woman selling the kittens said she “thought it would be neat.” The kittens were removed from the woman’s home, but are not available for adoption yet as they are “evidence” in the case against the woman.

Now, I agree that what this woman did was wrong. I’m sure she had absolutely no training, no thought to safety and no concern for the pain it caused the kittens. But I do find the outcry against this woman interesting when the docking of puppy ears and tails is still practiced in this country as standard procedure for show animals, and it’s purely cosmetic just like the kittens’ ears. And have you ever seen a bunch of sheep on a farm with short tails? They’re not born that way – lamb tails are tied off to purposely cut off the circulation and encourage the excess to die and drop off. So why do we condemn one person while turning a blind eye to hundreds for doing basically the same thing?

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