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Mike’s Reminder, Emblazoned on His Chest

December 18th, 2008
An unseasonably warm Monday, when the temperature rose above 60, proved to be a bonus here at Tattoosday.

I met Mike in Penn Plaza, outside of Borders, and of his eleven tattoos, he chose this one to share here on the blog:

I was struck by the diamond in the middle of the chest, which reminded me of the piece in the Tattoosday banner at the top of the page.

Mike told me that the message “Never Fail” was a reminder to himself to always strive to achieve his goals, to do the best that he can, and to never fail.

The piece was tattooed by Sean Foy at Rider’s Ink in Newark, New Jersey.

Thanks to Mike for baring and sharing this self-motivating message here on Tattoosday!


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