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Tattoo Designs – Finding Good Tattoo Designs

November 27th, 2008

Finding good tattoo designs is obviously very important if you are considering getting ink. This is going to be a permanent thing and not only do you want to ensure it is the best design possible for you, but also that it will last and hold up well throughout the years.

So where can you find good tattoo designs?

1. Check out magazines.

Tattoo magazines have some great ink on display. Not just separate designs, but dozens of photographs of tattoo wearers and their chosen designs. You’ll get a great idea of what a certain design will look like on skin and on specific areas of the body. Maybe you are a considering a tribal design but don’t know where to put it? Photographs from tattoo magazines can reveal different wearers and their unique placement choices which can help narrow down your own choices, or open up new ideas and possibilities.

Magazines provide mostly all high quality designs on display. Some designs will be provided with the specific artist who either created the tattoo or placed it on. This can help greatly in your research, finding which artist to use and which parlor to go to.

2. Check out Tattoo Galleries Online.

This is an excellent and very convenient way to find high quality tattoos which you can print out immediately, take to the parlor and get inked. Now there our free galleries and membership site galleries. The free galleries you will get the usual run of the mill generic designs which you see all the time. But with the membership tattoo galleries, there are literally thousands of designs to choose from in just about every category you can imagine (rose tattoos, small tattoos, cross tattoos, tribal, and so on).


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