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Forum Discussion: Ink Reaction

October 12th, 2008
“I really hope someone can help me; I got a tattoo on my foot and going up past my ankle 5 months ago. It’s not my first tattoo so I knew what to do to look after it. When I got home my foot swelled up really bad and I was not able to put my foot to the floor for about a week, then it did go down and start to scab over. The vine has healed ok but the flowers 5 months on are still quite raised and bumpy and have got tiny little holes all over them. I have tried all sorts but nothing is changing it; I went back to see my tattoo artist and he said he thinks I have just had a bad reaction to the ink and to give it more time but it never changes. It looks rubbish close up. Has anyone got any ideas please?” – Jill6299


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