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Rib Tattoos – How Painful it is to Get This Tattoo Done?

September 13th, 2008

Considering that it’s done so close to the bone and there are lesser tissues to cushion the skin, the pain of getting rib tattoos is expectantly on the higher scale. If you’re one of those who are contemplating to get tattoos on your ribs, perhaps your first concern would be how badly it hurts. The pain of getting rib tattoos actually depend on your own threshold to pain. Some people describe it as comparable to sunburn while others state it as something they would not want to go through anymore. Another factor is the skill of your tattoo artist. The experts and veterans have a way of working with their needle to make it puncture the skin with just the right depth thus minimizing the pain.

Women who chose this tattoo theme normally go for flower designs like cherry blossom, hibiscus, orchids or floral vines. It usually starts from the side of the lower stomach making it way up to the side of the breast. With the rib cage being compared to a big canvas to work on for tattoo art, flower designs are usually done in lively and picturesque colors. Other designs that are found on the rib cage are stars, butterfly and words or quote. Men, on the other hand, go for rib tattoo designs that express their masculinity like tribal art, dragon, birds, snakes and pinup girls.

When deciding to go for rib tattoos, make sure it is a design that you thought of well. There is an ample space to work on this part of the body so there are tons of ideas to choose from. Also, you must remember that if you decided to have a bigger and intricate design, it may take longer hours to finish and usually, even more than one session. If the pain becomes intolerable, you can always inform your tattoo artist so you can re schedule. It would not be a good idea to go on with it if you are not comfortable anymore. Plus, tattoo is an art so it should never be rush.

Rib tattoos can come out astounding since it can highlight the natural curves of the body. Even if there are stories of excruciating pain, people go through it anyway because having rib tattoos is unique and amazing.


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