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Guardian Angel Tattoos – Where Are the Great Designs Located?

September 9th, 2008

Finding great guardian angel tattoos on the web can be a very time consuming chore for a lot of people. Sure, you can find tons of generic, low end designs on the net, but most people are never able to find the truly superb artwork that they really want. I will tell you why this happens so much, along with a simple way to fly past it while getting strait to the top notch galleries out there.


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One Response to “Guardian Angel Tattoos – Where Are the Great Designs Located?”

  1. comment number 1 by: tattoodesign

    Most of the people who wander into a tattoo shop thinking that they’ll get a tattoo and who don’t have a design in mind will choose something from the flash. The good parts about that are: (1) flash is eminently tattoo-able (not all art makes for a good tattoo); (2) the artists in the shop probably have a lot of experience tattooing the designs displayed in their flash; and (3) you’ll find yourself comfortably fitting into a tattoo lineage of sorts where you can take up your place as the latest person to get that design tattooed. ‘The not-so-good part about choosing your design from flash: sec (3) above. It’s not particularly original or unique. When you’re choosing something from flash, you can rest assured that somebody else (dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of somebody elses, depending on the design) has the identical tattoo. If that’s not a big deal for you, choose away. However, if you thought that you were going to permanently mark your body with a design that was individual, one of a kind, reflecting something special about you, and setting you apart from the unwashed masses, then think again.
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