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Tattoo Words and Sayings

August 19th, 2008

Many people opt for words or sayings to accompany their tattoo image. But sometimes the tattoo words or sayings are the actual image themselves. Here are three examples of popular tattoo words and sayings:

1. “In memory of” tattoos.

Obviously this is used to commemorate a lost one, whether it be a relative, a friend, or even a pet. In memory of tattoos are excellent ink to get to forever remember someone and pay tribute to them.

Many times the words “in memory of” are accompanied with a tattoo design. Common designs include a heart or hearts. Though something more specific and personal that is relevant to the lost individual may be added as well.

2. “Love/Hate” tattoos.

This is a tattoo saying or wording you don’t see too often anymore, though every now and then you will see some fresh ink with the love/hate lettering. This is most commonly placed on the knuckles, and is usually a stand alone word or saying tattoo.

The love/hate tattoo can also be accompanied by an image, usually with a banner below the image reading “love hate”. I’ve seen all kinds of different designs accompanied with this popular tattoo saying.

3. Chinese lettering tattoo.

This is generally a stand alone tattoo as the lettering itself is usually the actual art and design. Though some wearers will choose to have small lettering accompany a tattoo design.

You can choose whatever saying or symbol you like with the Chinese lettering tattoo, simply by researching the meaning your after, then looking at the lettering representation to find out if it’s to your liking.


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