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Concealing a Scar by Tattoo

August 7th, 2008

Everyone wish to show their beauty skin fro anyone to see but its impossible thing to do when you have a scar on you skin!

But could you believe it or not? This problem can be solved by tattoo!

The scar make all women loss their confident to show off their skin, so concealing a scar by tattoo is the way to solve this problem. Just you take yourself go to see the doctor to help you about this. Doctor will ask you some question to check and scan you profile especially the problem scar that you need to conceal.

Doctor will determine to choose the suitable color for your skin first. The colors for tattoo process will ineffective anything with your skin. After doctor finish matching color and specify the position. Now doctor will begin the process of tattooing by using much equipment that contain of many size of needle.

All process will be done by technical med in operation room that has been protected from any infections. This process will take time around 30 minute to 1 hours and you can go how when finishing tattoo.

Your New Tattoo is a wound that MUST BE PROPERLY CARED FOR!!!

You should follow the below instruction:

– No soup wash, No cream, No cosmetic, No any make up or use any water content around the Tattooed area. Actually you should also avoid sunburn, Warm water and sauna at least 3 days after tattooed. If there’s scrap on you tattoo, do not even try to remove it because this will make your mission to conceal a scar go to failure as yet!

You can use moisturizer to keep fresher around your wound as the doctor instruction for 3 – 4 times per day. And then you go enjoy your life as normally. Anyway you should also avoid playing the hard sport in the first period after tattoo.

Some problem and trouble about our beauty can’t heal or take the beauty back as the same. But you have other choice to conceal them, make them not to be outstanding. However! Before you decide to do something with yourself you have to consider about suitable and safety of the place you will go to be cured.

And now your scar is not the important thing anymore.

Finally, we will end off this tips with how to taking care dry and oily skin.

Dry skin: Always apply moisturizer over your skin for keeping hydrated. Although it won’t to resolve the dry skin problem, they can relieve. Moreover AHA will treat your well skin and gently remove dry surface skin cells.

Oily skin: need special skin care products, gel or facial form which cleansing oil and compensate for your skin. Use alcohol fee toner for balancing the skin. Although moisturizer is unnecessary for oil skin, it will be needed for age 25 up which suitable for soften moisturizer.


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