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Tattoos, Galleries and Choices For Men and Women

July 22nd, 2008

Getting a tattoo is probably one of the most satisfying forms of self expression, but on the same token should not be taken lightly. Once the decision has been made to go through with the procedure, you are usually left with even more questions.

Aside from the first and foremost decisions,such as “who should I go to, what about the risks of infection, and what is within my budget?” the larger and more thought provoking questions are about what to get and why.

For some,the reason for being tattooed could come from a life altering experience,such as the loss of a loved one,or on the reverse, maybe the birth of a child. Others might base their choice on something more spiritual or maybe an expression of their heritage or ancestry.

Regardless of your motivation, the problem remains. What is the perfect design for me? This is where the artist of your choice comes in. He/she will undoubtedly have a large portfolio of their work and an even larger gallery of possible designs. But what if after countless hours of searching,you still cannot seem to find that elusive design that will become permanently embedded in your skin?

The answer to this question can usually be found while discussing ideas with the artist, and having a custom design drawn for you personally. If none of the aforementioned ideas seem to bring you to your ‘perfect’ design,there is another route to take, that I will share with you later.

Up to this point I have been discussing many questions and possible solutions that could benefit men and women alike. However, when the discussion turns to women and tattoos, there seems to be even more questions and possible solutions.

The simple fact that women are obviously built much different than men poses many more challenges for the artist. Aside from the size and shape differences,there are numerous other choices to be made concerning design and style. This forces the artist to keep an even larger cache of design possibilities.

If this all may seem a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. This is the age of the internet and there is a world of resources at your fingertips, if you just know where to look. For you ladies out there, I have found an excellent e-book written by a woman for women that covers everything you should know about getting tattooed from start to finish.


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