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Fabiana’s Most Important Tattoo

July 9th, 2008

If you haven’t met Fabiana’s ink yet, you may want to check out her previous posts here and here before continuing. The above tattoo is on her right bicep and has a remarkable story behind it.

Fabiana was born in Italy. When she was three years old, a mirror belonging to her parents broke. Rather than throw the whole thing out, Fabiana’s father, who loved to paint, took the wood on which the mirror had been mounted, and painted this cross:

Sadly, her dad passed away about a year later and Fabiana’s mom, wanting her family to have a better life, moved them all to the U.S.

Years later, as an adult, Fabiana decided to honor her father: “I thought about the painting and said Wow, it would be great to have a piece of my dad on me . . . so I took the painting to my tat guy [Lou at Third Eye Tattoos] and he was like, Sure!”

Fabiana loves this remarkable piece. She acknowledges that it’s a bit different from the original but it still carries great meaning. Both Fabiana and her twin sister have the same matching tattoo to honor the memory of their father.

Thanks again to Fabiana for sharing another piece of herself with us here at Tattoosday.


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