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The Power of The Smile (by Billy the Kid)

June 15th, 2008
Guest article by Billy the KidScarred for Life Tattoos – Boulder, CO

Like many people, I am heavily covered with tattoos. But I also have my face tattooed.
Tattoos have become part of the mainstream, but then there are still a few of us who can really turn a head or in some cases, scare the living Hell out of someone.

I live in Boulder, Colorado – a very liberal town with the richest of the richest and then there are the rest of us who live in the shadows of the rich but that’s ok. Boulder is filled with bike and hiking trails weaving all over it. One morning I was out early walking my Siberian Husky, when I came to a secluded area of the trail. It was around 7:30 in the morning and an elderly lady (85- 90 yrs old) was walking slowly down the trail when she looked around and noticed me.

Now, I like good horror movies, but this lady had a look on her face as though she was seeing the devil himself! This all would have been quite funny had it been a movie, but after looking at me a bit she dropped her shoulders as if to surrender to me – that wasn’t funny. And it sure didn’t make me feel too good. I quickly smiled at her and said good morning out loud so that she could hear me well, and she nervously waved back to me.

A few days went by and I was out walking the dog again, and here came that little old lady, so I quickly smiled at her and showed a bit of excitement to see her. She approached me this time, and commented at how beautiful my facial artwork was. She has become a friend of mine now, who shares her experiences in life with me and often has me rolling in tears because of the funny things she doesn’t understand about living in the Millinium. (My cell phone has her amazed and blown away! [One time] I got on the internet with her while standing next to a river – she kept saying, “It’s like Star Trek!!” lol)

For my personal situation, I’ve found that you can semi- control how people first perceive you by simply smiling when I meet someone or make eye contact for the first time. Most people don’t smile anymore anyhow. Show them an act of kindness and see how contagious in can truly be.


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