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Matthew’s Celestial Neck Tattoo

June 14th, 2008

To be completely honest, it was Matthew’s arm tattoo that I noticed first – the black and grey lotus flower with the word “HAUNTED” inked below it.

But, as Fate would have it, Matthew’s most meaningful tattoo is the piece on his neck, and there is a compelling story behind it, so that is what we have above.

The tattoo was inked in Florida, at a now-defunct shop called Body Language. It is comprised of two elements, the name “Celestia” designed in Matthew’s own handwriting. The other piece is the planet, which looks a lot like Saturn. This part of the tattoo was based on a sticker he had found, and the tattooist gave it a water-color look, which is why it appears slightly drained.

The story behind the tattoo is even more fascinating. Matthew has a belief system, in which he not only thinks aliens exist, but that they live among us.

Matthew is also a huge supporter of the actress Ann Heche. Ann wrote a compelling biography several years back entitled Call Me Crazy: A Memoir, in which she publicly discussed her childhood, and the abuse she suffered.

Heche relates how she survived the trauma of her childhood by developing, or obtaining, depending on one’s perspective, a split personality.

Her other self was named “Celestia” and this “alien self” helped her survive the destructive forces in her life.

Matthew admires Heche for her being an example of a woman who “could overcome abuse and live a normal lifestyle”.

He, too, has suffered from abuse and trauma in his life, and he relates to Heche’s belief system, and feels that he has survived by the grace of that part of him that’s from another world.

This is a theme about which he feels very strongly and it manifested itself in this tattoo, which he carries with him and displays in a very visible location. It’s not somewhere he can hide it, so he has it a constant reminder of his belief and his reason for survival.

Thanks to Matthew for sharing this very personal tattoo with us here at Tattoosday!


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