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Galactus and Red Skull on The Right Arm of Thomas

May 15th, 2008

Saturday night, I ran into Thomas, who was waiting for the B16 bus on 86th Street in Bay Ridge.

Thomas is a manager at Galaxy Collectibles in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The store specializes in comics and related items and Thomas’ tattoos reflect his love of the Art of Comic Books.

Above we have the inner forearm, his right, which he has dubbed “The Bad Guy Arm”.

On top is Galactus,

and below is Red Skull.

As he was showing me the tattoos, he was explaining the characters, where they first appeared, and who designed them.

Thomas explained that he didn’t start out with the intention of having “themed” arms, but they just sort of “evolved”. He started with Galactus, and then realized another piece just below it would make sense and fill the space neatly.

On his outer right forearm is the Green Goblin:

These were all inked by his friend Marc Redbeard at Groove Tattoo in Bay Ridge. Work from Groove has appeared previously here.

His next project is “The Good Guy Arm,” his left, which already has a Superman logo and The Green Lantern.

Thanks to Thomas for sharing his cool ink with us here on Tattoosday!


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