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What to Expect with Your First Tattoo

May 8th, 2008

1. Make sure you bring all the paperwork you will need. Make sure you have an I.D. to verify your age as many States have an age limit on who can get a tattoo without parental consent. If you have a copy of the Tattoo Flash Art you want make sure and bring a clear, unwrinkled, printed copy.

2. When you arrive you will be taken to a tattoo station. Many of these have chairs like at a dentist or barbershop. Make yourself comfortable and relax.

3. Your Tattoo Artist will clean and prepare the area you want your Tat on. They do this by shaving the area and washing it with an anti bacterial agent.

4. A stencil of the work you want will be made either from the Flash Art you printed and brought in or from one of the tattoo shops in house designs. This stencil will be applied to the area giving the Tattoo Artist a guideline to follow.

5. The Tattoo Artist will start by outlining your design then shading or coloring as needed. Sometimes for large pieces this takes more than one session so it is important to know the time that will be involved in whatever art you selected.

Congratulations! You have your first Tattoo! Now make sure and take care of it since it will most likely be with you forever. Allow your Tattoo to heal naturally. Leave it uncovered to let the air get to it as much as possible, If you do have to cover it use a clean sterile gauze bandage. Your Tattoo Artist will normally supply a tube of ointment and recommend what to use while it heals. As your Tattoo heals it will scab over, make sure and do not pick at the scabs as this could cause scarring which is the last thing you want on your new tattoo. Avoid undue exposure to the sun which can cause fading and avoid swimming to prevent infection.


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