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Observations on People Getting Tattoos Removed

May 3rd, 2008

There is no single reason why people get tattoos removed. From observing patients that come for laser tattoo removed, some interesting patterns emerged that were not anticipated. There are some qualities that are more common in men than in women who are getting their tattoos removed. People who want only part of a tattoo removed are much more likely to be men. It seems that men more often take issue with the artistic or technical nature of the tattoo and want to change it in order to improve it. For instance, they may want some letters or a pictorial element removed. A woman is more likely to hate the whole tattoo and want to be completely rid of it.

Homemade tattoo often present for tattoo removal. These are often crude creations and made with something sharp, such as a guitar string, and some black pigment, even pen ink. Men are much more likely to put them on themselves but women are much more likely to have had them placed by a man. They may get a tattoo of their boyfriend’s name, sometimes in an obscene style or location.

Names are commonly removed tattoos. Both men and women get them done and removed, but it seems that women get them removed more often. This might reflect a tendency for women to want to be labeled or for men to want to label their women as belonging to them. It may be that men are less bothered by an old name left on their body than women. Or it may be that there are more women with names tattooed on themselves than men.

Of course there are certain kinds of tattoos that each sex tends to get exclusively. Women get cute animals, flowers, and other feminine subjects tattooed. Men are more likely to get some kind of geometric or tribal pattern on their upper arm. So of course, you would see more removals of that sort according to sex.

The observed sex differences are interesting and shed some light on how people see themselves and how they relate to each other.


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