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When Compliments Go Bad

May 1st, 2008
Are you ever tempted to cover your body art, just so you don’t have to deal with stupid people? A recent experience at the grocery store annoyed me so much, it almost makes me want to wear turtleneck sweaters in summertime.

As I was entering the grocery store, in a bit of a rush, this woman on her way out points at me and my tattoos and tells me she likes them. I politely say thank you and start to turn and be on my way, and this is where it gets ugly. She asks me to hang on, reaches out and grabs my arm, pulling it closer to her for a better look. Then, she hollers at her friend, who has already exited the store, to come back and look at my tattoos. The friend, pregnant and now puffing on a cigarette, tells her no. Fortunately, the woman releases my arm, but after screaming a few choice words at her friend and the kids making circles around both of us, she asks me how much my tattoo cost. Taken aback, I said, “Well, my artist charges $75 an….” and at this point, she’s not even listening to me. She’s cussing at the kids and her friend is cussing at her and I finally take my leave. I catch the eye of the door greeter and we both share an incredulous grin.

Apparently, this woman never learned the basic rules of etiquette when dealing with strangers with tattoos. So, in case any of you know someone guilty of the same thing, or if you just want to have a copy of “Da Rules” handy in such a situation, feel free to print out the following list!

1. Don’t touch! Touching a total stranger is bad etiquette anyway – why do people feel the right to ignore this particular manner when people are tattooed?

2. Ask if I’m busy! I am many times in a hurry and I really don’t appreciate it when people expect me to stop and chat about my ink and have no regard for the fact that I may not have time to kill.

3. Don’t call your friends over for a look. I am not your personal freak show. I find it extremely rude when people start yelling, “Come here and look at this girl’s tattoo!”

4. Do not ask how much my tattoo cost! That is absolutely none of your business. You can, however, ask how much my artist charges per hour.

5. Don’t stop me, touch me, call your friends over, ask me questions and then ignore me when I try to answer you! If you don’t intend to listen to the answer, then don’t ask.

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