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QOW – Is Rejection a Risk With Tattoos, Too?

April 26th, 2008

Hello. I was reading up about the migration & rejection process. It happened to me when I got my belly button pierced. I now want a tattoo, but I am scared that my body will “reject” that too. Is that possible?

Good question! But that’s not likely to happen. Piercings tend to reject
on a regular basis and the same people that have piercings reject won’t
have any trouble at all with a tattoo. It’s the foreign object of the
jewelry that seems to cause the body to decide it doesn’t like and want to
push it out, but the body doesn’t seem to consider ink a foreign object.
The only times I’ve ever heard of anyone “rejecting” a tattoo was because
they were taking a certain kind of medication that didn’t react well with
getting a tattoo – if you have any concerns about vitamins or medications
you’re taking, discuss those with your artist. Otherwise, you should be
just fine.


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