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Aries Tattoo Designs

April 13th, 2008

Are you looking for great Aries tattoo designs?

This astrological sign lends itself beautifully to being used as a tattoo design.

Aries is the sign of the Ram, a western astrological sign for people born between 21st March & 20th April. These dates coincide with the Spring Equinox which some cultures believe is the true beginning of the year.

Interesting then that Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac.

As an Arian, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd, so it’s not surprising that you’ll be after a tattoo.

You also have a bit of a dare-devil streak in you too.

Taking these traits in to consideration, I shouldn’t think that you’ll be after a run of the mill tattoo design.

If you go on any online tattoo galleries that offer flashes for free, then you’re obviously not going to get anything special.

The ram head design for Aries can be adapted to encompass so many different styles, colours and elements. So take your time before you decide on a design.

The Aries symbol easily lends itself to styles such as tribal, Goth, or Celtic. You could include Arian elements in with the design too, like fire, skulls,thistles,honeysuckle or even symbols of war. Thorns are often associated with Aries too, so something like barbed wire would also be in keeping as an Aries tattoo design.

Aries is a fire sign, so flames featured in the tattoo would also look good.

Of course, the colour associated with the first fire sign of the zodiac is red, so that would also be good to incorporate.

With so much to consider with Aries tattoo designs, I think your best bet is to go to a reputable tattoo gallery online, where you can browse & choose at your leisure.

The best ones have a constantly updated database with literally thousands of designs to choose from.

All you have to do is choose the design that’s right for you, click on it, it’ll then enlarge & you can print it out and take it to your tattoo artist.

In fact, if you don’t know where to get your tattoo done, the best online sites also provide tattoo parlour locators, they’re just that helpful!

After you’ve done all that it’s just a case of where on your body to put your Aries tattoo designs.


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