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Snap Judgements

March 28th, 2008

Maybe she is trying to disspell the nude photo debacle…

But nothing says “douche bag” better than Chinese lettering down your forearm.


In the News: New Zoning Bill Could Oust Glen Burnie, MD Tattoo Studios

March 27th, 2008
New Zoning Bill Could Ban Tattoo Shops in Glen Burnie, MD, Town Centers
Be sure to read the update below!
If you’re familiar with the art of Tom and Mick Beasley, then you know that Dragon Moon is fighting for its right to exist right now. I spoke with Ms. Mick the other day and she is preparing for a battle against the Town Center Advisory Committee right now. The committee claims that the bill does not include current-standing shops, such as 30 year-old Dragon Moon, but only stands to prevent new shops from opening in Town Center. However, there is no grandfather clause language in this bill and Ms. Mick is fighting, not only for her own shop but for her competition in downtown Glen Burnie. This bill could push out anything the current County Councilman, Ed Middlebrooks, deems inappropriate or unwholesome. Unfortunately, Ms. Beasley knows exactly what that means, as she has been a witness to Councilman Middlebrooks’ outright animosity towards body art establishments for 15 years and they have a considerable history together, albeit a chilly one.

What Does That Mean to Us?

If you don’t live in or even near Glen Burnie, you may wonder why this case should be of interest to you or me or anyone else. Well, just as we were all affected by the bans on body art in Oklahoma, Massachusetts and South Carolina, we are all affected by any situation where the government succeeds in making their personal opinions law, either on a local or federal levels. We should all be concerned when our industry is threatened by small-minded individuals in positions of power who feel the right to use that power to thrust their personal beliefs on others. If it can happen in Glen Burnie, Maryland, it can happen anywhere. This kind of bureaucratic “righteousness” needs to be stopped before our right are completely stripped.

UPDATE: Good news! The bill is DEAD! Thanks to Mick Beasley’s efforts, Councilman Middlebrooks agreed to withdraw Bill 8-08 on March 25, 2006. This is a victory for the entire body art community. Way to go, Ms. Mick!

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Tattoos I Know: Brooke’s Back

March 26th, 2008

Readers of Tattoosday may already be familiar with Brooke from her first appearance here, showing off her courage.

Well, she’s back. Literally. The other day I spotted her wearing a sweater over a halter-top, so I thought I’d invite her back to show off her previously alluded-to koi.

From a distance, they look like wings, or perhaps even eyes:

But a closer examination reveals that they are two koi. For more on koi, jump here and follow the links.

Just to recap, Brooke is from Utah and currently lives in Hoboken.

Her first koi was inked on the right side of her back in May 2005. She was in Boise, Idaho, at the time, reeling from the end of a ten-year relationship. She was in a watering hole called Bittercreek Alehouse where, she estimates, she consumed a pitcher of mojitos. It was decided that a tattoo was on the menu for the evening so she headed over to 6th Street Tattoo in downtown Boise.

Brooke had heard the expression “bleeding out” when people had gone through the tattoo process. Rather than the threateningly negative meaning the phrase may have in the medical community, or the technical expression of flawed inking, Brooke understands the expression to reflect the fact that many people find the pain and the minimal blood shed of the tattoo process to be redemptive and healing.

Brooke spent time looking through books and found a design she liked, a traditional koi with a background of cherry blossom petals and waves. However, when working with John the artist, she had him enlarge the koi, brighten its color, and remove the background elements.

To her, the koi on her back symbolized moving past the ended relationship into a new chapter of her life.

Flash forward to December, seven months later, she was headed back to Boise. There was a celebrity event she wanted to attend with her friends, at which adult film director/producer/star Ron Jeremy was the main attraction. She met him at the event and the next night, was back at Bittercreek, enjoying their mojitos.

She headed back to 6th Street Tattoo and had John even out her back, placing another koi on the left side, facing the other.

The symmetry brought a nice balance to the ink on her back. John also gave a little touch-up to the original koi on her right side.

And here’s a Tattoosday first: Brooke has provided pictures from the shop as she was getting the second koi:

And here’s a photo with Brooke and Chris, the artist at 6th Street Tattoo:

Brooke loves her koi, which people often mistake for wings from afar. However, he finds them symbolic of her perseverance and courage.

There are many stories about koi and their significance in body art. One legend is that, when koi swim upstream and reach the source of the river, they transform into dragons. Brooke sees parallels to this in her own life, having swum away from home and reached the East Coast. She is not a dragon, but feels that her tattoos represent her transformation here in the New York City area.

Thanks gain to Brooke for sharing her ink and the great back story (no pun intended) behind these and the prior tattoo here. Next time you drink mojitos, think of koi and good fortune!


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