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Tattoos – What Makes Them Fade

March 29th, 2008

Tattoo enthusiasts come from all walks of life and while they might have different backgrounds, tastes, and interests they share one thing in common. All those tattoo enthusiasts with a great deal of ink hate the fact that their tattoos often fade. Having to retouch tattoos every few years can be inconvenient and expensive but, unfortunately, it cannot be helped. While there are a few permanent ink pigments available with a very long life they are not safe for use on human skin which leads to fading tattoos.

The light ink that is used for tattoos is safe and does not have a high resistance when it comes to fading. Certain colors like purple, magenta, and orange fade even faster than other colors. This fading is caused not only by the colors used but by exposure to ultra violet light and sunlight. In fact, many people with tattoos that are exposed to natural light on a regular basis will notice faster fading and deterioration than others. Of course this does not need that you must keep your tattooed skin away from light forever. Simply try to be aware of your skin in the sun and protect it. Remember, while your tattoo is fading your own skin is also being damaged so take steps to protect your bare skin with sun block and shade.

Before you give up on getting a tattoo remember that there are ways to keep your tattoo from aging excessively. When getting a tattoo try to choose an experienced tattoo artist that will apply the pigment correctly. A good initially application will help cut down on fading. Also make sure that you that you take good care of your tattoo while it is healing. Using proper moisturizer and not disturbing the healing skin will start your tattoo out looking fantastic and keep it looking great for much longer.


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2 Responses to “Tattoos – What Makes Them Fade”

  1. comment number 1 by: feminine tattoo designs

    Well written and easy to take in advice here. Does using black ink only help the fading from being excessive? Also doesn’t it depend on your skin tone as well?

  2. comment number 2 by: james burney

    Great advice. Have a look at my blog and feel free to comment. I have done some social networking on this blog so that you get more exposure.


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