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In the News – New Law Against Lead in Body Jewelry

March 22nd, 2008
California Law Bans Lead in Body Jewelry

This won’t have the slightest effect on most professional tattoo studios, who only use surgical stainless steel or higher grade metals in their body jewelry, but this new law will help curb the sale of imitation jewelry products that contain high levels of lead. Hopefully, other states will follow California’s lead on this one.

Bakersfield, CA Tattoo Shop Owner To Run For Mayor

Marc Deleon, owner of Mad Dog Tattoo, is one of four running for the Bakersfield mayoral position this year. If an actor can become governor, why can’t a tattoo artist be mayor? Actually, Deleon seems to have put a lot of thought into this and has a real passion for his home town, so I wish him all the best in this election.


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