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New Forum Discussions – Son Tattooed Self with Ink Pen

March 17th, 2008
Son Tattooed Himself with Ink Pen

“My son did a self tattoo with ball point pen ink. should I be concerned about his choice of ink.
Also he doesn’t like it. How hard is it to remove. Thanx” – cabana_boy

Growth on Tragus Piercing

“I got my tragus pierced and it was doing ok for six weeks so i stopped cleaning it and began lying on it again when sleeping. It started to get sore and I thought it was getting infected so I began cleaning it again. I noticed a lump growing on the inside of it… it wasn’t solid and when I touched it, it really hurt. it got smaller after a few days of applying a salt-water solution to it. however i then noticed a similar lump growing on the outside of the piercing. i ended up taking the piercing out. the lumps are still there but i think they’re getting smaller. if i wait for them to go away… will they? and will it be ok to get the piercing re-done or will the same thing happen again? maybe the jewelery had something to do with it, i had a bar in it… would a ring be better?” – starlet_11


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