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New Forum Discussions – Swimming, Tanning and Dark Skin

March 5th, 2008
What’s Not to Love?
“This is my completed fairy tattoo done by Stacey Sharpe. I love it.” -princessnina28

Note from Karen: Stacey Sharp is probably one of the best fairy and fantasy artists I’ve ever seen. She enjoys creating custom pieces for each of her clients, so no two fairies are alike. What she doesn’t enjoy (understandably) is when people take her creations and take them to have their own tattooer copy them. She shares her frustrations in her recent MySpace blog. Here’s an excerpt:

“When people write to me saying thanks for the inspiration and I visit their page and find that they were not only inspired by a tattoo I did… they just had to try and get the same one… I’m disappointed.
It’s not flattery. It sucks.”

Please don’t copy someone else’s tattoo – be creative and work with your artist to get something unique! For more information, check out my article, Tattoo Etiquette: Copying Just Isn’t Cool which also provides suggestions on how to create a one-of-a-kind tattoo, even if you can’t draw.

More Discussions This Week – Swimming, Tanning & Dark Skin Tattoos:
Swimming Question: “I’m looking into getting something like an anti-eyebrow piercing, but near the corner of my eye. How long until I could swim in an indoor pool again?” -DirtyDiamondsTM

Dark Skin Tattoos:
“I’m a black woman. I have a dark skin tone. Not very dark but dark. I don’t have any yet but i do want a tattoo with color. Is there a brand of tattoo ink that shows better than others? If not what colors do you think will show better?” – pdlicious

Protection While Tanning: “I’m a regular tanner, but I just got a small tattoo. Is it okay to continue tanning or is there a time period I should wait before starting again? Would ‘covering it up’ (protecting it) in the tanning bed work? I’m really clueless and I don’t want to ruin my tat! If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!” – Scoobs04


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