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Just when you feel safe

March 3rd, 2008

Just when you feel safe

I’ve heard about, and have slightly experienced, extreme sin skin. But today I tattooed a lady behind her neck. Well, slightly at the top of her spine. The stencil went on perfect and life was good. I setup a 7 to line. As soon as my needles went into her skin, I knew something was odd. With my left hand, I could tell the vibration was off. Even more obvious, was the instant blood trail. It was as if I had just sliced her open with an X-acto knife. Her reaction was normal, which was good. No screaming is always nice.

Instantly I inspected my needles. All was good. Next up was the power. Again, all was well. So I went back to it.

I checked my depth and it was fine. Nowhere near blow out, yet true and solid enough to really be in there. But the blood continued. Pardon this, but it was like I was carving a bloated turkey.

About twenty minutes in I began filling solid black areas. Instantly I realized the blood seemed to be effecting the consistency. As if it was seeping and bringing ink along with it.


All I could do was press on. Once you’re in, you’re in. Which is always the case. Yet, somehow that tattoo was the most stressful of all. You can’t really control the canvas… you just sort of adjust to it.

The final product was alright. Some of it was spotty, but I wasn’t about to chew her up. I just made a point to push the free touch-up and chalked up the entire experience as a lessoned learned. As an instant reminder that, no matter how confident I feel, I’ve much to learn.


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