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In the News – NIU Shooter’s Tattoos in the Spotlight

February 24th, 2008
NIU killer’s tattoos featured macabre scenes

Jason Dunavan, an extremely talented tattoo artist from Altered Egos in Champaigne, Illinois, was proud of the work he had done on Steve Kazmierczak. So much so that he even blew up one of the images to poster size and displayed it in the shop. Now he questions the wisdom of that decision. But can the artist be held responsible for the acts of a client? Certainly not! Jason should be proud of his artistic accomplishments and I hope he realizes the very distinct line that clearly separates him from anything done by this particular client.

Weigh In on the Subject:

What do you think about horror/macabre tattoos and what -if anything- they say about the person wearing them? Does it make you think they may be dangerous or have homicidal tendencies like Kazmierczak? Were his tattoos an indication of where his mind was at the time? Or is there no connection between tattoo choices and a person’s inner psyche? Comment below or email me!

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