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February 14th, 2008
No questions – Just another “woman with tats” story! I was 46 before I had my first tattoo, always wanted one, but my husband at the time, forbid it. So after my divorce – I got my first one, small on the back of my shoulder. But the next one I got – I found the design myself, goes across my whole lower back! Has quite a few different colors and goes with the first one I got. BUT that one DID hurt and took 4 hours, all in one sitting. But I love it.
The next one was smaller, on my ankle.
But all of them have a great significance having to do with my life. I really think that is what is special about the tattoos.
Thanks! -Laura

“…but my husband forbid it. So, after my divorce…” ROFL! I love that! Good for you, girl! -Karen

My name is Jessica and I got my very first tattoo the other day on the upper part of my breast. I do not think that I can get another one even though I got this one. My husband has a homemade gun and does alright work for what he has to work with. I am still real afraid. I know that is half the battle but it is a hell of a battle for me. I would like to get him a real kit and some how hook him up with the right people to get him set up good. He would like to start his own business. He is a great artist. I am not just blowing smoke cause he is my old man. I will be the first one to call him on his mess ups. Anyways my tattoo was colored and he is not real good with the whole shading thing yet but somehow the color came out and it is scabbed up pretty good. I would like more ink put on me but that damn fear is in the way. Please help. I love your letters I get through my email [they] really kick ass.

Oh, good Lord. Where do I even start? Be afraid, Jessica….be very afraid. -Karen


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