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Tattoos I Know: Jerome Finds Strength in a Tattoo

February 13th, 2008

After my year end double-barrelled post of Erika’s Ink, I wasn’t expecting to post right away, but another co-worker of mine got his first tattoo over the weekend.

I hadn’t even got into my office when I ran into Tom and Jerome.

Tom said “Bill, you gotta see this!”

Jerome took off his shirt to reveal this freshly-inked portrait of Jesus:

I had my camera out before I even knew what I was doing. There’s nothing like fresh ink that pops off the flesh.

Jerome is 45 and this was his first tattoo, less than a week old.

Jerome says “I wanted a tattoo all my life, but I was fearful of the pain. I wanted to overcome my fears”.

Jerome says that he finds this tattoo gives him strength. He is in Recovery, and this brings him “closer to a higher power”. By being on him, Jerome beamed, “He is part of me”.

This tattoo was inked by Jeff at Adrenaline Tattoos and Body Piercings in Brick, New Jersey.

Thanks to Jerome for sharing his fresh ink with Tattoosday!


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