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Sailor Jerry Collins

January 23rd, 2008

… Just did another… 20-yr-old blond—nice looking… anyway she moaned and I backed off on the liner & got a weak line—Old “Deafy” in Philly had it all over us—he couldn’t hear them groan, and he just tattooed them!

Anyway, maybe I’m just a negative thinker, but I do respond to the mood of the patient and if they show pain tolerance minimum, I just can’t put good work on them as it throws the physical and mental forces out of balance.—it’s the difference between drawing a free-flowing line with a relaxed wrist and trying to draw one with tense flexors and extensors… Old Coleman used to put them on the “cooling off bench” when they started to sweat, and grabbed the next one so he didn’t lose the swing!…

– Sailor Jerry, September 21, 1971

January 22, 2008


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