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Why Do You Tattoo?

October 18th, 2007

The cultural status of tattooing has steadily evolved from an anti-social activity in the 60s to that of a trendy fashion statement in the 2000s. Is the current tattoo trend simply a fad, or are we seeing a once misunderstood artform that is finally emerging toward the forefront? Learn the answers to these questions, while we show you some of the wildest body art imaginable.

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) October 18, 2007 — Award winning filmmaker, Lou Angeli, known for his work documenting major emergencies and disasters, covers new turf in his latest documentary, “Why Do You Tattoo?” ( This new film explores the history of body art through the ages and the explosive growth of the tattoo industry during the past decade.

“Our film will dispel the common belief that body art is reserved for the seedier folks within our culture.” Angeli notes. The Delaware filmmaker adds that body art — although shocking at times — is generally accepted by mainstream North Americans. The evidence, he says, is in plain view on any city street, the workplace, televised sporting events…even church.

The film focuses on the growing trend toward using the body as a canvas. Angeli interviews dozens of men and women who have chosen to be inked (or pierced), and the viewer learns why such images are so meaningful to those who wear them.

“It seems to me that many tattoo enthusiasts don’t stop at one or two images,” Angeli comments. He notes that head to toe art — once a mainstay of carnival side shows — is very common place now. The storyline also discusses the art, introduces new inking techniques, and the artists themselves. Individuals like Wilmington, Delaware’s “Tommy Rabid”, whose storefront is located in one of the most affluent sections of the city.

“It’s not just a kid thing anymore,” says Erin Fauble, of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. “We see middle-class suburban women, doctors, and lawyers. It’s not specific to one group of people; it’s everybody now.”

With so many individuals going under the gun, Angeli predicts that tattoo removal will become a huge business in coming years. The film will review current removal techniques such as laser treatments, dermabrasion, and home remedies that suggest 100% removal in a matter of months.

Primary shooting has begun in the New York-DC corridor and the filmmaker invites those who would like to share their art and stories to contact the production team. The documentary is being shot in 1080i HD and will include an original soundtrack by composer Will Musser. The program will be completed by Spring and will be available for screening at MIPTV in Cannes in April of 2008.


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