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Teen honors grandmother with breast cancer tattoo

October 18th, 2007

I’ve seen people get tattoos of the weirdest things, I even encountered one guy who got an O2 broadband logo tattoo’d on his back to show he’s an o2 fanboy. There are times though, when some folks get skin art to honor someone they love. Sarah Weston has a little pink surprise peeking out from behind her ponytail. The 18-year-old Beloit Memorial High School student had a pink ribbon for breast cancer tattooed on her neck to honor her late grandmother, Adeline Mentele.

At age 71, Mentele passed away from breast cancer on Aug. 2, 2006. Mentele, a friendly and religious woman who attended St. Peter’s Church, left quite an impression on her granddaughter.

Today a pink ribbon with Mentele’s initials adorns the girl’s neck.

Before Mentele got sick, Sarah Weston said her grandmother liked to knit, sing and spend time with her 15 grandchildren. The family was saddened, though, when the woman was given eight months to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sarah Weston and her mother, Barb Weston, would visit her every day.

“We got a lot closer,” Sarah Weston said.

When grandma Mentele died only one month later, Sarah was shocked. It was just too soon.

Sarah also was concerned about her aunt Cindy Gau, who was a breast cancer survivor and the other women on both sides of the family who had died from the disease.

When Sarah started thinking about getting a tattoo, she wasn’t sure what to get. When a co-worker showed her a breast cancer tattoo, she knew it was the right thing to do.

“She (my grandma) wasn’t big into tattoos, but I know she’d like it,” Sarah Weston said.

On Sept. 7, the day after Weston’s 18th birthday, she got the tattoo.

“It kind of tickled, but that’s about it,” Sarah Weston said.

Sarah Weston said her parents are fine with her tattoo. After all, her father, Roscoe police officer Billy Weston, has nine of them including a dragon and a Tasmanian Devil.

Sarah Weston might add the years her grandmother lived on the tattoo at a later time.

Weston works at the high school daycare and Kids Space. She hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater and become a third-grade teacher. She may get more tattoos, but hopes they can represent something as special as her first one.


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  1. comment number 1 by: tattoo_lover

    I’m thinking of getting a tattooed ribbon on my breast. I was scared at first that it would stratch, hurt, etc. yet this article and this one: helped me to make up my mind.

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